I want to give a very special thank you to all the amazing fans and friends who have supported a thirty year drumming career as well as the making of 30yrs a drummer. This documentary is dedicated to you...

Tina Martin 

Chuck Anderson

Frank Pusatier

Jamie Speck

Ed Weidman


Janice Head

Troy Mills

Chris Sawtelle

Stanley Richmann 

Doug Hornacek

Mike Leonard

Natalie Abshier

Lori Hanlon

Mike Petrie

Lori Poppa

J E Block

Denise Gasparino

Kirk Akers

Ryan Nagy

Jeff Anderson

Jenny D

Ryan Nagy

Larz Cothern

Nancy Carpenter

Ron Mahaffey

Brian Feldman

Greg Jakositz

Dale R Cummins

Sean Curry

Francesco Califano

Craig Spakowitz

Sharon Lerner

Karen Pollina








IMG_5491 2.JPG

Michele Hare

Heather Baker

John Strutt

Mike Parker

Rebeccs Eldred

Chelcy Wangen

Troy Audet

Genevieve Joy

Steven Carp

Kristian Gallagher

John Dam

Leslie VanHaften

Thomas Coffman

Kelly Anderson

Linda McGough

Bearpaw Dezigns

Denise Saxby

Brian Henderson

Donna Dommer

Bubba Millard

Nancy Marzulli

Tiffany Drescher

Eric Tucker

Ralph Ian Morales

David Bahls

Kevin Hrasdzira

Steven O'neil

Thomas Giacalone

Jesse Striewski

Trisha Holub

Nathan Craig

Ed Loeffler

Mike Masser

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