What do you want to be when you grow up? 30yrs a drummer is a feature-length film that documents the life and career of professional drummer Phil Varone. A career that has spanned over some three decades, until Phil's abrupt decision to hang up his drumsticks. What would make Phil retire from something he loved so dearly? Did Phil really retire? This all-access look into the music business, rock stardom, and life as seen through Phil's eyes will answer these questions and so much more.


30yrs a drummer is not just for drummers, or musicians, it's for everyone. If you enjoy music, you will love this film. If you enjoy entertainment, you will love this film. If you're curious to learn the real story behind the music business, you will love this film. 30yrs a drummer has been described as entertaining, educational, honest, ironic, and profound. A must-see film for all, and one that will be talked about for years to come.  

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Phil Varone is an accomplished drummer, music producer, and songwriter with a career that spans some three decades. Phil is best known for his work with the bands Saigon Kick, Skid Row, Prunella Scales, Vince Neil, and Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel. 

30yrs a drummer:  Drumming Timeline

1977- Played percussion for grade school orchestra

1978- Parent bought Phil his first drum set ( that he still owns today)

1980- Family moves to Florida, Phil stops playing drums

1984- Phil meets guitarist Tom Reinhart in drafting class- Phil starts playing drums again

1984- Phil meets Tony Cortese and joins his first band RIPPIN FINGERS

1988- Founding member of Saigon Kick.


1990- Phil signs his first recording contract with Thirdstone/Atlantic Records owned by                    actor Michael Douglas.

1991- Saigon Kick - Self-titled debut 

1992- Saigon Kick - The Lizard  hit gold with Billboard chart-topping single, and MTV #1                  video "Love is on the way."

1993- Saigon Kick - Water

1994- Saigon Kick - Devil In The Details

1995- Saigon Kick - Bastards

1996- After 7 years and 5 Albums, Phil ultimately leaves Saigon Kick after endless                          internal conflict, bad management, and musical differences.

1996- Phil joins forces with Skid Row bass player Rachel Bolan to form punk band                          Prunella Scales.

1997- Prunella Scales - Dressing up The Idiot - Mutiny/Warner Records 

2000- Phil receives another call from Rachel Bolan offering the drumming job for Skid Row.            Overnight Phil was on the drum throne opening for KISS on their seven month                      farewell tour.

2001-Touring opening for Tesla followed by another four years of touring supporting Tesla,              Def Leppard, Kid Rock, and Poison to name a few. 

2002- Recording

2003- Skid Row - Thickskin 

2003- Touring with Poison

2003- Phil was called by friend and Motley Crue singer Vince Neil to play drums for his                  upcoming tour. A dream come true for Phil as he credits Motley Crue for the                          reason he plays today. 


2003- First trip to drug rehab

2004- Touring U.S. and Europe with Skid Row


2005- Phil made the decision to take a much-needed break from the music industry and                  cleaning his life up. A move to Los Angeles soon followed.

2006- Release of the documentary Waking Up Dead, featuring Phil. This was shot over                  four years while touring with Skid Row. 


Over the next years, Phil would try his hand at acting, stand-up comedy, writing a new                   book while trying to balance family, career, tragedy, and addiction. 

2013- Phil signs his first book deal.

2013- Un-Philtered: Real Life On and Off the Rock n Roll tour bus is released.

2017- Phil re-enters the music industry, joins Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel, and                        immediately begins recording.

2018- Red Dragon Cartel - PATINA  Frontiers Records


2019- PATINA tour of the US and Japan. 

March 2019-Phil announces retirement from drumming...

October 2019-?

               For more info on Phil click philvarone.com button.

We are proud to announce that the 30yrs a drummer soundtrack will be available through Trident Records. 

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